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Using CMSimple

Anyone who ever wrote a structured text with a word processing system, can start up editing his homepage immediately. Without having to study the cms before.

Before you start working on your website's content, it might be helpfull to find an appropriate structure, some kind of scaffold, for it. This scaffold can be changed anytime later.

The scaffold

So, you want to build up a new website from scratch. The first thing you have to do is lean back and think about it for a while. Amongst all the questions you'll have to answer are this two: What do I want to publish? What is the appropriate structure for my contents? Probably you will come up with some kind of herarchical list, your table of contents. Just write this list, line per line, to a CMSimple page. Then format the top level headings as «H1», the headings of the second and third level as «H2» and «H3». Save the page and that's it! CMSimple will create a scaffold for you, which will make it easy to work on your contents: a structured and linked collection of empty pages.

Important hint for wellrad-users: Do not create an empty page for your onlineshop. The wellrad plug-in will do this for you later!

Adding pages

Perhaps this might look a little bit strange to you at the first glance. Unlike the way you are used to by your word processing system, there is nothing like «File -> new» to start up with a new text. Consider your website's pages to be one coherent text. Your new pages are – at least technically – no new texts. They are just «chapters» of your website.

So you start a new page simply by inserting a heading of the appropriate level wherever you want to. (The standard settings allow three levels. You can change this and use more – but keep it simple! Do yourself and your visitors a favour and rethink the structure of your contents. Three levels should be enough for almost everything!)

Deleting pages

Just delete the content of the page and save your work. (Make sure your really delete all of the content: («Ctrl + a»)).

Moving pages

Cut the whole page («Ctrl + a», «Ctrl + x»), save. Then paste it «Ctrl + v») at the new position.

That's it! If you need more detailed help, please visit the official homepage of CMSimple, the official forum (to register you need a commercial licence, but it's free to read though), the free forum or the Wiki.

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